World of Valorant: Best 6 Viper Players

World of Valorant: Best 6 Viper Players

Get into the world of Valorant with the most amazing plays from Viper fans. In this roundup, we’ll look at how some of the best players in the game use strategy and technique to win. From CurlyCues’s pinpoint accuracy to HomelessDragon’s patient wins, these top Viper plays are not only exciting, but they also show the different methods that players use to win. Buckle up, because the world of Valorant moves quickly. You’re about to see magic happen!

World of Valorant: Learn how to master CurlyCues Strikes

CurlyCues makes a great play and kills three enemies from one spot. Watch him do it here. This not only gives him important ability points, but it also sets up the planned use of Viper’s Pit, which uses both sound and sight to help him find and kill the remaining enemies.

World of Valorant: Lil Dae Shows “I’m Better”

Lil Dae bravely holds a key angle, which lets him see many entry places. He fights all of his opponents, winning every time because of his quick reactions and accurate aim.

The Shorty Showdown with FeloHu

Here comes the Shorty, an important part of any top 10 list. FeloHu shows off his excellent play by getting three kills from a very tight spot at the entrance to Haven’s C site. FeloHu stays hidden during Killjoy’s ultimate attack and attacks the last enemy after the ultimate wears off, winning the round.

World of Valorant: Slick’s “No Vision, No Loss” Plan

Slick is very determined, and he weaves in and out of his ultimate to block his enemies’ view. His ability to stay totally hidden from the enemy Brimstone, making it look like there isn’t enough time to defuse, is what makes him stand out. After tricking his opponent, Slick easily pulls off the defusal.

Homeless Dragon’s Wait Is Worth It

HomelessDragon shows how important it is to be patient by winning an amazing 1v3 match. After killing two enemies, he carefully positions himself just outside of Viper’s Pit and uses a Snake Bite to stop the Sova from defusing, earning the win in the end.

World of Valorant: Mayhem at Dubbit’s Marshal

With the help of a Marshal, Dubbit pulls off an unlikely 1v4 win. He uses Snake Bite and Viper’s Pit well, but it’s his 1v1 fights against Sage and Reyna that really stand out. Dubbit’s amazing reflexes and ability to stay calm under a lot of stress make this play truly incredible.

These Valorant plays show how skilled and clever VTBET Viper players are, showing that shooting accurately isn’t the only thing that matters in the game. These players are the best at Valorant because they know how to position themselves well. Play patiently and make the most of the resources they have.