SACRAMENTO COUNTY, CA – – Former Sacramento County District Attorney Jan Scully expressed her frustration with billionaire George Soros’ involvement in the race and his support for Noah Phillips in a statement. Scully served as the community’s D.A. for 20 years starting in 1994 and has been an avid supporter of Anne Marie Schubert for District Attorney since leaving the office in 2014.

Read the statement from Former D.A. Jan Scully below:

I cannot stay on the sidelines when the community where I have lived, worked and raised my children is threatened by an outsider that is trying to buy this election…an outsider who could care less about our well-being.  Billionaire Soros is trying to elect Noah Phillips, a prosecutor who lacks ethics and honesty and who will make decisions based on politics and winning rather than fairness and what is right.  But Soros couldn’t care less about integrity or justice.

As the elected Sacramento D.A. for 20 years, I supported Schubert in her first campaign and I’m proud of all she has accomplished in her first term. She has earned our confidence and trust and deserves to lead our public safety professionals for another 4 years.

For me, this is not about politics and it never has been.  My comments are not political rhetoric but truth.  I will not be quiet and allow an outside billionaire to buy this election and neither should the voters of Sacramento.

Scully was the first woman to serve as the District Attorney of any large California county and was also the first woman to serve as a top prosecutor in Sacramento County. She left the position in 2014 when Anne Marie Schubert was elected and assumed the office.

Schubert has 28 years of experience working in law enforcement and is nationally recognized as an expert in DNA and cold case prosecution.

The election for Sacramento District Attorney will be held on June 5, 2018.