– Written by Former Sacramento County Sheriff, John McGinness

People with their own agenda, who neither live or work anywhere near Sacramento County, seem to think they are qualified to tell local voters who should lead our District Attorney’s office for the next four years.

Those of us who live and work here already know the answer: Anne Marie Schubert.

There is a reason she is endorsed by every local public safety and law enforcement association and nearly every local Democratic and Republican leader – she is one of the finest DAs in the country and nobody works harder to keep our community safe.

 I’ve known Anne Marie for 20 years. We worked major crime and homicide cases together. One you may have heard of recently – the East Area Rapist/Golden State Killer. She led the team that resulted in the arrest of one of the nation’s most notorious mass killers.
Her passion for Sacramento is easy to explain. Anne Marie is a product our community. She was raised in Sacramento, went to local schools and is raising her own children here.

Anne Marie’s relentless pursuit of justice and advocacy for victims is what really stands out. For 28 years she has dedicated her life to the pursuit of justice.


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