SACRAMENTO COUNTY, CA – – Today District Attorney Anne Marie Schubert announced receiving the endorsement from two of California’s largest groups that advocate on behalf of crime victims, The Crime Victims Action Alliance(CVAA) and the Crime Victims United of California (CVU).

“District Attorney Anne Marie Schubert is a tireless advocate voice for victims’ rights and that’s why she has our support,” said Crime Victims United President Nina Salarno. “Not only is Anne Marie Schubert one of the most experienced prosecutors, her expertise in prosecuting DNA cases is second to none. She is one of the top District Attorneys in the country and deserves reelection.”

Crime Victims United of California is the most recognizable crime victims group in the nation. In addition to providing direct assistance to victims’ families, CVU is a leader in influencing public policy on behalf of victims at every level of government.

Crime Victims Action Alliance was originally formed in 1992 as the Doris Tate Crime Victims Bureau in honor of Doris Tate, the mother of Sharon Tate. Today the Crime Victims Action Alliance works on behalf of victims of crime throughout the state of California and across the nation.

District Attorney Anne Marie Schubert has 28 years of experience working in law enforcement and is nationally recognized as an expert in DNA prosecution. She was elected to succeed popular District Attorney Jan Scully in June of 2014 with the support of nearly every law enforcement official and organization.

The election for Sacramento District Attorney will be held on June 5, 2018. For more information please visit