SACRAMENTO COUNTY, CA – Today District Attorney Anne Marie Schubert announced the unanimous endorsement of the members of the Sacramento City Council as well as Mayor Darrell Steinberg. The Sacramento City Council consists of Council Members Angelique Ashby, Steve Hansen, Eric Guerra, Jeff Harris, Rick Jennings, Allen Warren, Larry Carr and Jay Schenirer. To view a complete endorsement list please visit

“Anne Marie Schubert has been an outstanding District Attorney for Sacramento County,” said Mayor Steinberg. “District Attorney Schubert is a career prosecutor who has a long and successful record of prosecuting dangerous individuals in our community. Anne Marie also has a proactive vision about public safety—that we are safer as a community if we prevent crime by investing in prevention programs and engage our community. That is why I am supporting her for reelection.”

District Attorney Schubert has gained major support from nearly every top law enforcement group in the State and County. Schubert’s unanimous support of the Sacramento County Supervisors and City Council proves her broad support crosses party lines.

District Attorney Anne Marie Schubert has 28 years of experience working in law enforcement and is nationally recognized as an expert in DNA prosecution. She was elected to succeed popular District Attorney Jan Scully in June of 2014 with the support of nearly every law enforcement official and organization.

The election for Sacramento District Attorney will be held on June 5, 2018.